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A community investment will provide opportunities for children and youth to cope with their trauma while leading their peers in finding solutions.

Invest now and reap the benefits of a better future. 


Let us fill the seats one youth at a time. The impact we make today will last a lifetime. 



Parents as Allies

Community Pop-up Tables: Community Mental Health & Life Coaching

Summer Empowerment Show

Summer Arts and Craft Display

Your investment will enable us to provide programs to at-risk students, schools, families, and communities.  Our programs offer a comprehensive quality program to students to build accountability, responsibility and to create life to change opportunities for themselves and peers. By becoming a sponsor, you will help bring our programs to underserved and at-risk populations. Programs will be able to be offered in multiple schools, communities, and states; that’s hundreds, sometimes thousands, of children every year.


As a holistic program, we ensure the availability of our comprehensive program is combined with prevention and intervention programs. This includes ensuring students are reached through equity rather than equality through five developmental independence gives us the freedom to be creative, come up with innovative solutions and demonstrate them with schools, community and district partners.component.  


When we find something that works, we will collaborate with government to scale this up to all the schools in a district, so we impact on the whole nation rather than creating agencies of excellence. This approach means that we can achieve systemic change with prevention and interventions programs that are proven to make a difference.

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