Integrating prevention and intervention strategies to meet individual, family, and community needs.

Prevention Education

Our prevention program offers unique and comprehensive educational and situational tools that empower clients to manage the challenges in creative ways:

  • Life skills

  • Healthy relationship development

  • Violence prevention

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Gang violence

  • Drug abuse 

  • Opioid misuse

Counseling & Intervention

Our unique services include individual, family, and group therapy. We don't only focus on supporting youth, families, and schools after a challenging experience but before in hopes of preventing unwanted life outcomes resulting from negative experiences and poor decision making. 


Professional Development & Training


Our Trainings provide a trauma focus lens and cultural appropriateness application. Our goals through trainings help develop system level changes, understanding of inequity, parenting styles and more. Trainings are designs from children focus, to government level. 

What We Do

We show up for those in need of support, holistically.


Our programs are designed to support our clients in achieving mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and cognitive potentials. We actively work with clients to eliminate or reduce common barriers that prevent meaningful progress and perpetuate intergenerational trauma.


Our Services:

Prevention Education, Youth& Family Advocacy, Outpatient Mental & Behavioral Health Services, and Professional Development 


The energy and excitement that you created with your presentation today was amazing amongst our residents here at the House of Joseph II. After the workshop, one person said, “when can you bring  them back .”  The residents really loved your compelling workshop.  In fact, several of them said to me that “she was the best speaker” that they had ever had here.  Some mentioned how touched they were by your presentation.  Others stated how you made them think about themselves in a different way. An individual said, “I could only think of the things I did; it was hard for me to come up with something positive about myself.”   You were a major hit with the residents and they were deeply touched by the dialogical manner of your presentation, stories, and expressions of hope that you brought to them.”