Joy Lin,

Joy is a recent graduate from the Psychology and Japanese departments at the University of Delaware. She is currently an intern and student at Delaware State University majoring in Social Work. She hopes to focus on clinical counseling in the future.

Jamere Woody,B.S.
Clinical Mental Health Intern

Hello, my name is Jamere Woody. I prefer to be called Woody. I am from Wilmington, Delaware. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Delaware State University in Movement Science. I am currently attending Bowie State University for graduate school to get my masters in Mental Health Counseling. I am also a personal trainer and I have over five years of experience. 

A quote I like to live by is  “If you are not taking care of yourself, then you are not taking care of the community”. I choose to help because I believe that helping each other thrive and survive is the reason why we are all here and the happiness I can support an individual attain brings me joy. A core value from Holistic Elevation that resonates with me is community and service. This value resonates with me because it emphasizes helping each other by showing compassion and kindness, which are qualities I believe can make the world a less stressful place to live.