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Prevention Programs

The prevention programs focus on promoting protective factors—that is, the characteristics of a student’s environment that can support healthy and positive youth development. These protective factors can be implemented at a student’s home, community, and school.

In-School Intervention and Prevention Programs

Designed for:

Children & Youth k-12

provided in groups by age

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We provide specialized services to improve students’ behavioral, academic, social, and mental development. Our school programs are geared toward helping students develop life skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency, build healthy and supportive relationships, and be able to increase responsibility and accountability. 


Holistic Elevation understands the importance of education and our collaboration with schools and parents to ensure students’ academic development. We offer a variety of in-school programs to meet the specific needs of the school. Our program offerings might include:


Remedial Education and Academic Enrichment Learning Programs:

  • Mentoring Programs 

  • Recreational Activities: Arts and Crafts

  • Prevention Education Program

  • High School Senior Scholarship Program

  • In school alternative to suspension and expulsion program

  • YouthGEARUP: Two weeks of at-risk youth academic program

Intensive Youth Education & Empowerment Camp (iYEEP)

Designed for:

Youth: ages 12-19 yrs

provided in groups by age

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This camp is an intensive week-long day camp suitable for students with post-traumatic experience, bullying, isolation, family separation/violence, academic failure, behavioral challenges, adjudication, emotional distress, foster care/children services program, substance abuse, and other factors. The camp aims to develop healthy relationships, the ability to cope with stressful situations, and create healthy mindsets. 

ExpressME Therapeutic Camp (Creative Arts)

Designed for:

Elementary students:

ages 5-12 yrs

provided in groups by age

In cases of severe mental health disorders, youth 12 and older will be considered

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Helps students with social-emotional developmental experiences in a super-fun therapeutic day camp setting. The camp addresses all social challenges but is explicitly designed to help children with social cognitive deficits. ExpressME Camp aims to advance students' social competency while building self-esteem through social, physical, and creative activities with peers. 

REFLECT: Developing Skills to Empower Peers (rDSEP)

Designed for:

Children & Youth k-12

provided in groups by age

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A ten-day intensive day camp for students exposed to trauma. The camp help students cultivate skills and/or knowledge for anger management, suicidality, peer and family bonding/empathy; conflict resolution, and mediation skills building. The camp teaches students how to create healthy bonds with each other, strengthen active bystander intervention, and open a door for open conversations. 

Creating Caring Characters 

Designed for:

Children & Youth

ages 8-12 yrs

provided in groups by age

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Creating Caring Characters is a week-long camp designed to equip students with skills to prevent bullying, bridge gaps, and create healthy friendships. Students will participate in interactive and expressive activities that stimulate their problem solving and peer interaction skills. The camp focuses on teaching self-love, boundary setting, respecting peers, and being tactfully assertive.


Students integrate content and express themselves through: 


Core Value Topics

Folktales & Storytelling

Coloring & Painting



Cooperative Games

Video Production


Peer2Peer Leadership Program

Designed for:

Highschool Students

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Peer2Peer is a student-led leadership program, focused on mentorship and prevention at the peer level. The Peer2Peer program was designed to leverage the strong influence peers have on each other. This program aims to contribute to increasing the graduation rate, safeguarding students, and mediating conflicts to develop an environment of care and character.


Peer Leaders are trained to:

  • Organize prevention-focused activities, clubs, and discussions in their school and community

  • Mediate conflicts and guide their peers in finding solutions

  • Empower their peers to express themselves effectively

  • Mentor first-year students; provide presentations and communicate expectations for first-year students.

  • Provide peer support to students experiencing/effected by suicidal ideation, bullying/cyberbullying, sexual assault, stalking, and other serious challenges.

  • Collaborate with counseling and student life departments to ensure that every student in need is guided to the right resources.

  • Participate in community building activities such as community service, ziplining, arts, event planning, and more 

Schools & Community Task Force Program

Designed for:

Underserved Communities/Schools

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The Task Force Program will help build sustainable retention by protecting students who are at risk of dropping out due to family and/or personal challenges, academic difficulties, and even suicidal ideation. Our offerings also address creating a violence-free campus and peer-mentorship programs to ensure students fulfill their potential.

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